Atlantic Aviation, a FBO operator, recently redesign and rebuilt their operations at Peachtree-Dekalb airport,  With over 70 terminals around the Northern Hemisphere, Atlantic Aviation is one of the largest private plane companies in the world.
Less than 5 miles separate Atlantic and PDK from Building Four Fabrication’s home in Chamblee, Georgia.

As Atlantic Aviation’s General Manager, Paul Reynolds related, meeting Building Four Fabrication’s Art Director, Frank Yoculan, happened at a Chamblee Chamber of Commerce event where the two shared a table at a membership breakfast.  After visiting Building Four Fabrication during an Open House, Paul and Frank got a chance to speak about the new terminal and the lobby renovations that were just being started.

“We wanted something to do with wind and air,” Paul related. “Each location has some autonomy in the design elements that decorate their space. Portland has a very ‘green’ feel while Salt Lake City is more attuned to the Red Rocks and desert.  We wanted something that translated to movement and air.”

Recognizing the challenge, Frank began working on a vision through drawings. Beginning with the idea of a jet engine, Building Four Fabrication engineers and artisans thought out several different ideas and surfaces that would bring the idea to life.  In envisioning a jet engine’s air flow, CNC engineer Lionell Nelson was able to render an example of the idea and the “waveform” was born.

Classic grey, blue, and black tones adorn the Atlantic Aviation lobby so sticking to this color palette was important.  Three desk wraps and a large art piece were needed to form a cohesive look in the space.  Polished aluminum would reflect the LED lighting around each individual piece but a material out of which to sculpt the “waveform” was harder to find. Experimenting with wood, steel, and other metals did not achieve the look all parties were hoping for. 

Knowledgeable about materials and surfaces, Frank looked and discovered “Milky Way”, an easily cuttable and machinable material.  Once polished, “Milky Way” would take on various grey and black hues, giving a feeling of movement along the surface.


Atlantic Aviation

“Waveform” Desk

To reinforce that feeling, Building Four Fabrication craftsmen worked with both the aluminum and solid surface to create special lines.  While the aluminum was cut and polished into strips, engineer Lionell Nelson machined the solid surface to various depth and height formulations. According to Nelson’s drawings and renderings, by fabricating the solid surface into straight lines, angles, and undulating waves while interspersing the polished metal, the large art “Waveform” took shape.

Installation of the 4 large pieces began in March.  Offsetting the reception wrap was integral in generating the impression of movement.  As viewed in the accompanying photos, the  “Waveform” starts with a tight-knit wave fabrication in one corner while the ripples carry out from right to left (facing).  Another large lobby art panel of similar size and shape also follows this form. 

Atlantic Aviation is a perfect example of the kinds of interesting, innovative, and intensely creative projects we relish at Building Four Fabrication.  Paul Reynolds and his team over at Peachtree-Dekalb Airport had an idea to make their lobby one-of-a-kind. We, at Building Four, were proud to Fabricate Their Vision.