The Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver, BC has been named one of the most historically lavish hotels in the world. Celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, the Fairmont still keeps to its roots with furniture and fixtures from the Art Deco period as well as photos and mementos from the landmark's illustrious history.

In keeping with the motif of the hotel's decor, designers requested grand lobby artwork paying tribute to the hotel's storied and eclectic past. The downtown Vancouver location was once a printing plate factory; visited by the Royal Family; owned by the Canadian National Railway; and home to the Canadian Broadcasting Company (
just to name a few)

Building Four Fabrication was given the task to create a piece of art that would pay tribute to some of this rich history.
After going through several iterations of different ideas with DAC Art Consulting, the client decided on a magnificent backdrop of engraver's plates. Signifying the hotels previous life as a printing factory, this installation would be the main feature of the lavish lobby area. Building Four then set to work to create several mockups, samples, and sketches of the final project

Ultimately, over 1,200 replica printing plates (matching those manufactured by the old factory) were created for this piece.



Fairmont Hotel Brass Plates

  • Using our CNC router, Building Four Fabrication engraved several different fonts into raw brass bars. Fonts in script and cursive were used to give the piece a classic romantic feel.

  • The plates were cut to size and matched on large panel for size, shape, and quality control.  Each of the 1,274 plates were hand-aged and rubbed with patina to create an authentic look. 

  • A backer panel was created in MDF and covered in custom-dyed leather. The leather created a soft cool-colored backer to complement the warm richness of the antiqued brass. 

  • Period-appropriate drop-forged nails were used to secure the plates to the leather and backer.

  • The Fairmont Vancouver staff desired to install this piece themselves. Building Four Fabrication designed 5 individual, fully assembled sections complete with Indian Rosewood framing.

Easily shipped and seamlessly installed, this one-of-a-kind artwork piece now adds to the elegance and style that the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is known for.


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