In May of 2017, Building Four Fabrication began a partnership with the Kimble County Historical Commission to create their wonderful new museum close to Junction, Texas. 
When the original museum closed in 2011, the Kimble County Historical Commission began raising funds for a new space.  After purchasing the time-honored Kimble County Hospital, the Kimble County Historical Commission contracted with Building Four Fabrication to create design elements and full scale exhibits for a new regional museum and research space.
A vision for many years, the Kimble County Historical Commission already had many of the artifacts, stories, and displays in mind. They had been searching for a creative, trustworthy, and responsive fabricator to make their vision come to life.  They found Building Four Fabrication.

Working diligently for months, the two teams created a floor plan, custom colors and samples, drawings of the various displays, and graphic depictions of the story of Kimble County.  The concept was a simple one: conceive an area with rough hewn walls and rustic interior to relate the story of Kimble County, TX from the prehistoric to today. Connecting with residents of the area, historians, genealogists, archaeologists, and writers, Building Four Fabrication was able to actualize the different exhibits and cohesively tell the story of the area. 

Beginning in mid 2018, Building Four Fabrication began construction of the platforms and scenic elements related to the museum. Exhibit details such as walls and cases were built. A reception desk, frames, and decorative signage elements were planned and constructed.

Scenic wall element for Old West Jail exhibit at Kimble County Historical Museum

Scenic wall element for Old West Jail exhibit at Kimble County Historical Museum

Building Four Fabrication's print and graphics department was also busy. Stephanie Polson, Graphics Manager at Building Four Fabrication, worked with the Kimble County Historical Commission on their aesthetic and style. Wanting that Old West rustic look continued in the type style and graphics, Stephanie created wallpaper, direct print storyboards, metal dimensional letters, and framed graphics.

Plasma-cut wall signage for Kimble County Historical Museum

Plasma-cut wall signage for Kimble County Historical Museum

With displays and artifacts, Building Four Fabrication was able to create a story of Kimble County through the ages.  Starting with the paleolithic era, continuing through the time of the first settlers, depicting the rough-and-tumble frontier days, and showcasing the area through the eyes of military veterans of World War I, those displays and artifacts created a well-rounded and cohesive museum experience. 
Logistics and installation of the Kimble County Historical Museum took place over 2 weeks in early 2019. Talented craftsmen and installers worked to do the build out of the space and erect the platforms, walls, and other scenic elements. Large scale wallpaper graphics and signage was installed while cases, lighting, artifacts, and audio visual elements were added to each museum section.  Final touches involved the placement of last minute photos, medals and other donated items, and replica 'Wanted' posters in the Old Jail.

The Kimble County Historical Museum officially opened on March 23rd, 2019 with a large reception and honored visitors from across the State of Texas. Building Four Fabrication was ecstatic to work on this project and now use the museum as a true example of their skills and capabilities.

Kimble County Historical Museum Grand Opening Photo Gallery

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Exhibit installation photos - Kimble county historical museum

The museum chronicles county history through a genealogy library and wide-ranging photo exhibits. Interesting artifacts include an 1890s “peep sight” surveyor’s compass, a 1930s folding pump organ and an early 1900s leather automobile license plate. Historic photos depict early 1900s local sports teams and Junction during the devastating Llano River flood of 1935. This historic and eclectic collection on the rich heritage of Kimble County is worth the visit. - Description courtesy of Texas Pecos Trail Region